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    Bolton Payne, USA (Prostate Cancer)

    I felt pretty confident in Dr. Ramani as he had operated on one of my friends the previous year. I felt pain the first couple of days but after that it was smooth sailing.

    Lisa Kinler, USA (Kidney Cancer)

    I was up and about the next day and rarely took pain medication after the first day. This laparoscopic stuff is fantastic. I am cancer free and feel great. It really feels terrible to know that Dr. Ramani is moving to India.

    Dr. Nathan Hoffman, USA

    Dear Dr. Ramani, I wanted to thank you for this past year. You have made the largest impact on my surgical skills with your laparoscopic training. I would still be stuggling if it were not for you. I also want to thank you for making cases fun. Cases can be stressful but with you they are always a pleasure. I will truely truely miss working with you but I wish you great success in India. I hope I have the opportunity to discuss some difficult cases with you. Thank you again and best of luck.

    John Demar, USA (Prostate cancer)

    Dear Dr. Ramani, Just wanted to say thank you for a fabulous job. My prostate cancer really had me worried but it has been 2 years since the surgery and I feel like a new man. I have been recommending you to everyone I meet and I proudly show them my laparoscopic scars. We are very sad that you are moving to India but we wish you the very best. May god bless you.

    Beth Zukowski, USA (Kidney cancer)

    Thank you very much for making my surgery such a grand success. I am pain free and am regaining all my strength. In one week, my overnight hospital stay is already a dim memory. Your kind manner, honesty, knowledge and sense of humor helped calm my fears and put me and my family to ease. I wish all my doctors were so easy to talk to. I especially appreciate your skill as a laparoscopic surgeon and your positive outlook and attitude for cancer patients. Many many thanks again and may god bless you.

    Dr. Kevin Unger, USA

    We thank Dr. Ramani, Director of Laparoscopy at the University of Minnesota, for taking the time and effort to drive from Minneapolis to Willmer on a regular basis to develop our laparoscopic kidney cancer surgery program.

    Max and Ava (5 years) USA (Father had kidney cancer)

    Thank you for saving our daddy.

    Dennis Henrichs, USA (Prostate Cancer)

    Thank you Dr. Ramani, to you and your staff who cared for me during this time. I always felt safe in your hands. I was fortunate to have you do my prostate cancer surgery. Your reputation as a laparoscopic surgeon preceeds you and was completely validated by me. I especially appreciate you honesty tempered with you compassion and a sense of humor. I always felt confident that I had made the right decision to get operate by you. God bless you.

    Mrs. Sumati Shah, kidney cancer, Mumbai 2012.

    In 2012, I was diagnosed with kidney cancer. We were recommende to Dr. Ramani by our family doctor. Dr. Ramani sir, was very calm, he assured me that I would be cured and he also told me that there would be minimal pain. Althrough I am slightly obese, I was walking the day after surgery, amd discharged the third day from the hospital I am fully cured and within 3 weeks of surgery, I was walking for 30 minutes.

    Mr. Wadhwa, Prostate cancer, Mumbai 2011.

    When I was detected with prostate cancer, I had decided to go to the USA for surgery. However, a business partner who Dr. Ramani had operated on insisted I meet him. Our research indicated that he was highly experienced and after meeting him, his calm, professional approach convinced me. I had laparoscopic surgery at Breach Candy hospital and was discharged on the third day. I was back to office in 2 weeks. I wish Dr. Ramani every happiness anmd success in life.

    Mrs. Chaubal, husband had prostate cancer, Mumbai 2011.

    I would like to say how grateful I am for curing my husband. We were devastated when we heard that he had prostate cancer. I felt very hopeful when I met you. I am also grateful that you were always a phone call away during the whole process. My husband was very comfortable and returned back to work 2 weeks after laparoscopic surgery. I am so glad you gave up your USA practice and returned back to India.

    Mrs. Naik, Adrenal Gland tumor, Goa, 2013.

    I was diagnosed with a tumor in the adrenal gland and was advised open surgery. A friend reccommended a visit to Dr. Ramani. Laparoscopic surgery was performed in Lilavati hospital and to my surprise, I was discharged home the next day and returned back to goa the day after. My physician in Goa could not belive that I had already had surgery. I have no words to thank Dr. Ramani.

    Mr. K. C. Agarwal Prostate cancer, Culcutta, 2012.

    Thank you Dr. Ramani. We were very stressed When I was discovered with prostate cancer. However, you were compassionate and highly professional. You also gave me as much time as I needed to hear me out, which none of the other doctors did. I had robotic surgery in mumbai whth no pain and am completely cured. I will always be grateful.