International Patients

We understand that traveling to Mumbai from another country to get surgery for cancer can be intimidating. However, many patients come to Dr. Ramani from the USA, Europe, Middle East, Africa and South East Asia regularly for treatment. We understand the concerns you may face while you plan you health travel to Mumbai. We have attempted to address some common issues here.

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Before the Surgery – Planning your Travel and Appointments

Medical Visa:

Once the patient and their family have decided to travel to Mumbai, Dr. Ramani’s office will provide them with a letter of invitation, which they can present with their visa application to the Indian embassy in their country to facilitate a medical visa.

It is important to note that surgery in India cannot be done on a tourist visa unless it is an emergency. The patient needs to apply for a medical visa, which the patient will get with the help of our letter.

Surgery Appointment: Sending Reports and Scheduling Surgery if Needed

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Often, Dr. Ramani’s assistant will ask for certain reports to be sent via email or whatsapp to ensure that Dr. Ramani can help this patient. Once the initial screen of reports is done and an appointment is confirmed, Dr. Ramani’s patient coordinator will schedule the surgery and will be in touch with the patient to help plan their travel to Mumbai.

At the time of surgery

Stay in Mumbai:

On arrival in Mumbai, if required, Dr. Ramani’s patient coordinator can arrange for a pick up from the airport. For this, inform the coordinator about flight details in advance. The coordinator is also happy to recommend hotels for different budgets, which are convenient for patients to stay and close to relevant hospitals. The coordinator can help with arranging a rental car and a local sim card if so required.


Once the appointment is done, the patient coordinator will work personally with patients, guiding them to get necessary investigations done before surgery.


Once Dr. Ramani meets the patient and the diagnosis and decision for surgery is finalized, Dr. Ramani’s assistant will provide the estimated cost of surgery. When the patient calls for the first time from their city, the assistant can give a rough estimate for the surgery. However, once Dr. Ramani sees the patient, the assistant is able to give a more precise estimate. Total surgery cost ranges from about USD 5000 to USD 15000 depending on the complexity of the surgery and the room type chose by the patient.


Dr. Ramani’s coordinator assists the patients in the admission process. For patients travelling alone for surgery, we can assist with admissions, surgery and post surgery care.

After the Surgery

Patients usually get discharged in 3-4 days from the hospital. Dr. Ramani needs to see the patients one more time in a week from surgery for a follow up and stitch removal. Dr. Ramani’s assistant may be able to do an at hotel visit if needed.

Most patients are fit to travel back to the home city by air in ~12 days after the surgery. We provide fitness certificates required by the airlines.

Depending on the type of surgery or disease, International patients may send relevant reports regularly via whatsapp or email for follow up checks. The patients will be briefed about follow ups at the time of discharge. They can also call Dr Ramani’s assistant’s number at anytime in case of any doubts or concerns after the surgery.





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